Guide to Living on a Golf Course in Summit County

Guide to Living on a Golf Course in Summit County

  • Maureen Lathrop
  • 08/23/23

Living in a golf course community affords homeowners majestic views, breathtaking landscaping, gorgeous bodies of water, and perfectly manicured lawns. If you're an avid golfer, having a golf course right at your fingertips can be a fantastic opportunity for you and your family.

Access to top golf courses

For golf lovers, one of the ultimate benefits of living on a golf course is the accessibility to the game. When you live in a golf course community, getting out to play a round with friends and loved ones or heading to the driving range to get in a quick practice session becomes that much easier. Best of all, you will not have to venture far to enjoy these perks, as everything you need is right there within the community.

Summit County is replete with standout golf course communities offering amenities, incredible vistas, and impressive greens. The two courses (River Course and Keystone Ranch) at the Keystone Resort promise plenty of challenges, with a meandering path along the Snake River and various elevation changes, tricky sand traps, and more. The expertly designed Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks in Silverthorne offers another prestigious course with a rugged backdrop of mountain terrain. The Jack Nicklaus-designed championship Breckenridge Golf Course features 27 holes of excellent golf with a high elevation and a true test of skill.

If you want to have excellent courses like these in your own backyard, living in a golf course community in Summit County may be the answer. Check out the guide below.

The location

If you're considering buying a house on the golf course, you'll want to investigate more about the course first to learn about its layout and where homes are located in relation to the course. That way, you can avoid areas where golfers often miss and are more likely to hit your property. There are usually three options available for buyers when purchasing a home on a golf course. They include the greens, fairways, and the tee box. While each place has pros and cons, golfers tend to congregate the most around tee boxes and greens. These locations can mean more noise, but for a homeowner, they can also mean fewer errant shots ending up in your yard or through your window.

In comparison, fairways tend to provide homeowners with a quiet setting, as golfers only stop long enough in these areas to hit their next shot on the way to the green. However, homes under 300 yards from the tee box along the right side of the fairways are usually at the highest risk of getting hit with a ball. This location is known as the impact zone, as most golfers tend to slice their ball that way.

The peaceful evenings

Living on a golf course provides homeowners with an amazing opportunity to enjoy peaceful evenings. The course is usually the quietest at this point in the day, and it's the ideal time to kick back and relax and take in the outstanding views of the scenery and wildlife.

Ultimate wide-open views

Speaking of the vistas, one of the major perks of living next to a golf course is the wide-open views. Even if you have neighbors, you will still have open space bordering parts of your yard, where you will be greeted by spacious fields of lush and well-maintained greens. Plus, because golf courses are designed to accentuate the surrounding landscape, the stunning fairways and greens will not take anything away from the beautiful scenery you can find in your yard.

Year-round recreation galore

Homes on a golf course often have numerous perks, one of which is year-round recreation whenever your heart desires. Communities by these courses will have access to other great amenities, such as clubhouses, tennis courts, pools, and pickleball courts. Those who love golf can spend the whole summer hitting the links, while others can enjoy the clubhouse for its community events and memorable get-togethers throughout the year. This is especially beneficial for those who are new to the area, as it offers them an easy way to get to know others in the community and connect with neighbors. Plus, in the winter, Summit County is a paradise for cross-country skiing at the Keystone River, The Raven in Silverthorne, and Breckenridge.

The close-knit sense of community

Because living on a golf course provides so many ways for neighbors to connect and share interests and passions, the community often grows closer together. This provides a wonderful living environment and a welcoming sense of community, allowing you to enjoy close relationships and feel content living in the area.

Living in a golf community often means neighbors are more respectful of their fellow residents living along the course. This is because, overall, golf etiquette tends to play into the atmosphere of the community, making living on a course more enjoyable. For instance, cheers tend to be more muted in the morning, interactions on a tee box are usually more conversational, and wayward shots in a neighbor's yard are more likely forgotten so as not to cause disruption. All these are factors that can help those living in the golf community enjoy the area so much more.

The privacy

Not only that, but living on a course is perfect if you want some extra privacy. Depending on the location, sometimes the closest home will be on the other side of the fairway.

The resale value

Golf course communities feature highly sought-after luxury properties that command high price points. If you ever decide to sell your home, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by its resale value. Residences in golf course communities have strong appeal for discerning buyers, especially with all the amenities that come with living on a course, the stunning views, and the strong community support. Even in different real estate markets with fluctuating values, golf course properties tend to hold strong.

While these are some of the top things you need to know about living in a golf course community, they're only a small sample of the amazing things you can find with this luxury lifestyle. If you're interested in learning more about golf course communities and their endless opportunities, or if you’re looking into Keystone or Breckenridge real estate, contact trusted brokers Maureen Lathrop and Joe Alvine today for more information.

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