Which Season is best to sell your Summit County home?

Which Season is best to sell your Summit County home?

  • Maureen Lathrop
  • 02/9/23

Summit County is a mountainous community tucked into the Rocky Mountains. Located a short drive from Denver, Summit County is home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding resorts in the world. From the ample green and blue terrain at Breckenridge to the complex routes at Keystone Ski Resort, there’s an adventure for everyone once the snow starts to fall.

Although Summit County has a reputation for being one of the best places in the world to ski and ride, there’s so much more to enjoy in the area. As the snow melts and the mountains thaw, there’s more than ample opportunity for hiking, climbing, and otherwise exploring. Mountain biking trails wind through the mountains, and live music lights up resort nights. As the summer heats up, residents can cool off with white water rafting, paddleboarding, and kayaking in the lakes and streams surrounding the mountains. In the fall, the trees put on a dazzling display of fireworks, changing from soft greens to vibrant reds and oranges.

Summit County is simply stunning in every season and a nature lover’s paradise. Combine that with contemporary mountain homes, luxury amenities, and some of the best schools, and you have a location that’s in high demand for many. If you’re thinking of selling your Summit County, CO real estate, there are seasons when demand is high, and you will earn a higher return.

The best season to sell

Historically, the best season to sell your home is during spring to summer. According to a study reported by the National Association of Realtors, the best season to sell was late April nationally. According to the Colorado Association of Realtors, in 2022, in Summit County, late summer held the most sales of single-family homes. In August 2022, 48 single-family homes were sold, and in September 2022, 49 single-family homes were sold. In January 2022, only 30 single-family homes were sold, despite the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate being only 3.22%, compared to 5.89% in early September. Thus, it’s clear that there is more demand for Summit County real estate during the warmer months of the year.

What is contributing to this pattern? First, many families desire to move when school is out, and they have more time with their children. Thus, many families may try to move during the summer when school is not in session. Secondly, there’s a reason that spring is the season of growth. Many of us start with renewed energy as the days get lighter and the temperatures climb. This can manifest as a spring cleaning or a desire to move and upgrade our living situation altogether. Most working professionals are not trying to undertake the challenging and exciting experience of moving during the winter months if they can help it. In addition, Summit County is known for its snow sports, and winters can be cold and stormy. This is another factor that can decrease the number of buyers interested in coming out to visit an open house.

Knowing that spring and summer are the best seasons to sell is only part of the equation. There are plenty of other ways to improve the competitiveness of your listing and increase your offers.

Hire the professionals

One of the best choices you can make when listing your Summit County real estate is to work with a professional stager and a professional photographer. A stager is a design professional that will help you clean, declutter and organize your home to ensure that it looks amazing for showings as well as your open house event. Stagers understand the designs that are trending and what buyers are looking for. They can work with you to clean your home, store your belongings and bring in pieces that will wow buyers at first glance.

Working with a professional photographer is equally important. When selling a luxury home, you need to be able to communicate the value of your home to buyers when they first look at your listing. Professional photographers know all the angles and lighting tricks to accurately capture your home and really showcase the beauty of your home. Professional photographers will also be able to capture plenty of content to create a listing that stands out.

Showcase the amenities

Photo courtesy of Maureen Lathrop

When buyers are browsing Summit County, CO, homes for sale, they want to see the amenities and luxury of your home. It’s important that your listing highlights not only the amazing features of your home but also of the surrounding area. If you own a ski-in/ski-out property, make sure you include the amenities of the resort and highlight the convenience for skiers and riders. If you own a secluded mountain chalet, you can emphasize the peace and serenity that come with the property. Make sure your listing works for you and showcases the very best aspects of your home.

Partner with a realtor

One of the most important tips for selling your home in Summit County is to work with an experienced realtor. Realtors will guide you through every step of the way in selling your home and help you find the perfect buyer. They often have amazing connections in the community and can match you with a buyer that will love your home and appreciate the work you’ve put into it. They can also connect you with quality stagers and photographers that have experience photographing luxury properties in the area.

If you’re looking for a realtor in the Summit County area, look no further than Maureen Lathrop. Maureen works with Colorado Mountain Living and has extensive experience selling luxury properties in the Summit County area. When you’re ready to sell your home or look for a new one, Maureen is here to help every step of the way.

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