7 Tips for Determining the Right Breckenridge Agent to Sell Your Home

7 Tips for Determining the Right Breckenridge Agent to Sell Your Home

  • Maureen Lathrop
  • 07/12/22

Breckenridge is an enchanting city renowned for its stunning mountain scenery. Breckenridge is a popular tourist destination that draws investors from all over the world. Housing is not a problem in Breckenridge; thus, you are guaranteed the best luxury homes in the city.

The Breckenridge real estate market is highly competitive, considering the increasing home prices from most Breckenridge luxury home listings. You can get homes going for as high as nine million dollars.

The demand for professional Breckenridge estate agents has also risen. This is attributed to the increasing number of people seeking to buy or sell a property. There are multiple real estate agents and realtor firms in Breckenridge. In essence, it is crucial to engage professionals like Maureen Lathrop. Choosing the right agent is advantageous as it allows you to sell your home fast.

Why Hire a Breckenridge Agent When Selling a Home?

A Breckenridge agent offers different services. The professional lists your property online, exposing your home to multiple buyers. This improves the likelihood of a sale. A Breckenridge agent can help you in the following ways:
  • Advice giving

Selling a home involves multiple steps, and an agent guides you in every stage. A Breckenridge agent understands the prevailing market trends in the location. They provide you with the necessary information to sell your home fast.

For instance, the agent advises you on the necessary repairs and upgrades to increase your property's value. They also guide you on the best marketing strategy to sell your home fast. With an estate agent, you improve your chances of locating the right clients.
  • Property listing 

An agent helps with home valuation and guides you in the listing process. They inform you of the key aspects to include in your listing. These include enticing images, key property details, and your home's best features to capture the client's attention.
  • Home staging

Home staging is a critical aspect of the home selling process. It is a great opportunity to reveal your home's best features to attract potential buyers. A Breckenridge agent will share tips on practical home staging ideas in the area. If you plan to engage a professional home stager, the agent can refer you to leading home stagers in Breckenridge.
  • Price negotiations

Pricing is critical when selling a home in Breckenridge. Besides, you would want to get the most out of your home sale. For this, engaging a real estate agent is vital in price negotiations. They understand the current rates and help negotiate the best price for your property.
  • Sale documentation

Selling a home involves signing the sale contract and reviewing other documents. An agent understands all the requirements and thus helps you avoid costly blunders. Examples of essential documents during a property sale include:

  • Mortgage loan documentation
  • Title deed
  • Property tax documentation
  • Homeowners' insurance records
  • Original sale contract
  • Personal identification information 

How to Determine the Right Breckenridge Agent

Selling a home is tedious and time-consuming. This is particularly true if you lack adequate skills. However, a Breckenridge agent can ease the process, making it vital to choose the most suitable professional for your property type. When hiring a real estate agent, there are various tips to keep in mind. They include:

1. Compare different estate agents

This is presumably one of the most effective ways to choose an agent. You can get many professionals online, making it easy to compare the services. First, use an agent finder tool to determine the number of properties sold, reviews, and price rates. Then, determine your budget and pick the agent that suits you.

2. Schedule a meeting

Meet different agents and compare their skills. Know the right questions to ask as it helps you greatly in decision-making. Examples of important questions to consider include:How many years have you been working as a Breckenridge agent?

  • How many clients do you handle at a time?
  • Do you work with buyers or sellers?
  • Do you work as a solo agent or a team?
  • Do you charge a fixed rate or a commission?

3. Ascertain the experience levels

The agent's experience level determines the success of the sale process. Most people prefer dealing with a skilled agent, thus saving time and money. An experienced Breckenridge agent is likely to have helped many homeowners to sell their properties in the area. They know the industry's tricks and help you locate the best deals. In addition, an experienced agent understands the most suitable marketing strategy to find the right buyer. Paperwork is also worth mentioning, and a skilled agent will handle everything swiftly. It is best to hire one with vast experience selling homes in Breckenridge.

4. Check the credentials

You must undergo rigorous training to qualify as a Breckenridge agent. The best agent should have proper certification and licensing to offer services in the city. Moreover, the agent should have completed the basic certification for real estate agents.

Licensing is vital; it is proof that the agent is competent enough to offer the services. The following is what you need to qualify to work as a real estate broker in Colorado:

  1. Join an accredited institution and complete at least 168 hours of qualifying education.
  2. Pass a pre-licensing course examination
  3. Pass the real estate examination
  4. Submit fingerprints and complete a background check
  5. Provide proof of insurance
  6. Get a license
  7. You may also complete additional specialized training.
Engage an estate agent with proper licensing. Perform a license search in Breckenridge through Arell (a licensing verification database). Moreover, confirm the numbers with the licensing division in the state. This way, you get information about the date of issuance and any complaints or suspension on file.

5. Seek referrals and reviews

Referrals are a great way to locate the right agent. Loved ones, friends, and colleagues can connect you with the right agents. These are people close to you and can recommend the best-suited professional. Therefore, seek ideas from others who have sold a home recently to increase your chances of selling your home.

Reviews also work. They give you an idea of what to expect when you engage a certain agent. Therefore, go through online reviews about different agents. A trustworthy agent has a proven track record, more positive reviews, and minimal negative feedback.

6. Put everything in writing

A home is a major investment, and a contract is vital. A home sale is legally binding; thus, you and the buyer should document all the transaction details. A sale contract should include the listing price, length of the agreement, contract, and service costs. The contract acts as a referee and helps resolve disagreements between property buyers and sellers.

Ensure you go through all the terms and conditions before appending your signature. An estate attorney comes in handy in this step. They guide you on the legal terms regarding property transactions. They will also help resolve any legal matters during transactions.

7. Consider the agent's rates

Real estate agents charge a commission for services offered. This is payable by the property seller, and the money is split between the seller's and the buyer's agent. For example, the realtor fee in Colorado is about 6%. However, an agent's commission terms vary between property sales and regions. It is sometimes lower for luxury estate agents. However, luxury homes are highly-priced, and some agents might lower the rate to stay competitive.

Does the listing agreement matter? There are different types of real estate listings, and they determine the terms of payment:

  • Exclusive right to sell agreement - The estate agent receives the commission even if they do not sell the property.

  • Open listing - This allows an estate agent to market the property and bring clients for viewings. There is no exclusivity in this type of listing, and the agent who sells the home gets the commission.

You are likely to come across different agents offering varying rates. First, search for agent services within your budget. However, cheap can be expensive, so do not compromise on quality. Instead, choose an agent that matches your budget but also be willing to adjust to get superior quality services.

Find the right Breckenridge agent

Are you selling a luxury home in Breckenridge, Colorado? Engaging a professional estate agent who understands the local area eases the home selling process. Maureen Lathrop is your ideal real estate agent considering she has assisted many home sellers in Breckenridge. Contact us to connect you with the right buyer to sell your home successfully.

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